I’m not ruthless, I’m a woman.

Not scared to say no. And not accepting of it when I’m told it. Sometimes we spend a bit too much time thinking about things we shouldn’t. Holding grudges,.. looking backward instead of forward.

So I say,.. forward.

I’m not heartless. I’m not broken. And I’m sure as heck not a woman who will be dismayed. I have to move forward. Always.

The memories often come to visit me of events gone by. My goodness how sweet they were. To see the children, their parents and the community come together for a cause… to feel the deep love in the air for those that may not even understand what’s going on.

I’ve often wondered why my mortgage business has gotten to where it is… how I have gotten to where I am right now after 18 years… Looking back, it’s because when I was sure of something, big or small,.. I decided.. Forward.

Life, is now coming full circle. The years of sowing, now making so much more sense. My dreams of a community for Eric and those like him becoming more and more of a reality by the day. God looked down and decided… I would do well in my mortgage business… so I can do well for others in other ways. I am not separate of it. It is who I am. My life has been by design I just never knew the plan.

The excitement, is brewing. My hopes, are high. I’ll give it all I have and be bold enough to bet on me. Money, will work itself out. I’ll follow what I feel is right, keep working hard and keep moving forward. In the end, a life driven by purpose is a ride you just can’t buy.

Be obsessed. Stay convicted. Defy the status quo. Don’t be afraid of change.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

I’ll use the stage I’ve been given. I’ll invite the people I meet to join me. I’ll accept that I’m not where I am because of happenstance… rather, by a lot of hard work and surrounding myself with lot a of important people who have taught me what I do and what I do not want out of this life.

I think they say life begins at 40. Or so I’m going to tell myself that. For me, for this mission, the start button has been pushed. All the hard work over the years has to now come to a head.


I’ve taken the plunge to start my own mortgage company as a branch of Legend Lending, here in The Woodlands & Spring area. To me, my company will have purpose. What we do will be by design. The mortgage business is entering a new era. The software online lenders use will only get more sophisticated. The newer generation of homebuyers is much more educated due to the ease of information gathering online. To me, the mortgage business has been a bunch of stale old suits holding all the gold for far too long, making WAY too much money. My company will have Quicken level rates with local expertise. Customers deserve that.

And we will be involved. Genuinely. In this community. It’s more than giving back. It’s participating. It’s being committed to a change that needs to happen and being a provider of the fuel it needs to take off.

I’ve only ever had two real bosses in the mortgage industry. They both taught me a lot about the business but more importantly they taught me so very much, about myself as a businesswoman. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to recognize, understand and accept the things you are good at and the things you are not. Then focus on what you ARE good at and delegate the rest. Accept your strengths and then train yourself to go from being good to being exceptional at them. Do not let your weaknesses steal your confidence. Learn to let go and charge forward.

When you are wondering where you will start… or when… know that there is no better time than now. And there is no better place than right where you are. Be loud. Be unapologetic. Be ruthless.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

I, am a blessed woman.

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