And there you were.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Timothy 1:7

I woke up this morning realizing that the “big day” was over. For months, I’ve been conveniently compartmentalizing away the stress of the first fundraiser for The NeighborBridge. But the 48 hours leading up to it…. well,… let’s just say I’ve learned a lot and have a newfound respect for event planners!!

6AM on game day it was go time. So many last pieces to arrange, the worry of if I had forgotten anything, the angst of if people will come and have fun. The overshadowing realization that this was kind of a big deal and really meant something deep down to me. Could I do it? Would people hear the message? Would everyone feel welcomed an excited? Will they want to come back next year? So many emotions running through me yet I got through it by constantly repeating to myself.. “It’s fine. It’s all fine!!” It became the motto of the day and it was liberating!

The event started off with a light crowd.. my anxiety was high but I just kept remembering.. “It’s fine!”. Thankfully, much to my panicked hearts content.. within the hour the crowd was beefing up. All of our 32 team slots were filled and playing.

It was happening… it was all really happening.

The weight I had been feeling for the past few months finally started to lift. I looked around and thought to myself… “This is really good!!” It was the first time that I let the moment hit me….

All of these people. All of the volunteers. All of the sponsors. All of the teams having a great time.. they were all here because of the cause. They were all here because they believed in it and they were all here because they wanted to help me succeed.

The weight of thankfulness.. it’s an interesting thing. It’s all still so personal. I just want to see a better life for my son just as so many other parents with a special needs child. I just can’t get over how talking about what’s right and what’s true can bring people together in such a way.

As I gazed into the crowd, it all went silent. A euphoric high of happiness took over me. It was like I was watching a movie and that it wasn’t really happening. After a moment I started to let it soak in.. that this was the start of something that could change lives.

My soul was at peace knowing that noise was being made for a change in the world that’s been a long time coming.

And then there you were.

The moment felt nearly complete but it wasn’t until I saw you there. The reason for it all. You were calm in the crowd when I saw you and I couldn’t help but wonder if you knew that it was all for you. That your presence in this world will make it a better place. That you are the why. That you are everything to me and that I’ll never stop moving forward for you.

There is nothing in life stronger than the love of a child. It’s a love so strong you’ll do whatever it takes. You’ll be a person you didn’t think you could be. Someone who sheds self doubt because there is no option for failure. Someone who will risk stability to take a chance on a better way. The love of a child… can change the world.

What would you do? If you had no choice? If failure were impossible because you refused to accept it? I believe we all have something good in us but that it can be hard to figure out for ourselves. That sometimes.. or maybe even the only time you can truly find what it is… is when it’s for someone else.

God didn’t create us to be mediocre. He didn’t create us to turn a blind eye. He has seeded us all with good. Instead of worrying about when you will bloom or what it will look like.. focus on watering your seed and I can promise you.. your bloom will happen exactly when it should and be more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.

I, am a blessed woman.

2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Learn more about The NeighborBridge at

Pictures courtesy of the amazingly talented Susan Soriano

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