An Ode to Fathers

I watched grown men cry

Heard their voices shake

They let their guards fall down

While their hearts would break

Their love so pure

So true and so strong

They would give up their lives

To fix all that’s wrong

Their child, so helpless

So innocent and meek

The future lying before them

So seemingly bleak

A man is a fixer

But how can he be expected?

A diagnosis of Autism

No one is protected

But yet the cross is born

The weight cast upon his shoulders

But for his child he’ll carry it

Over mountains and boulders

Through the tears and pain

Through the darkness and fear

Losing sight at times

Praying God is near

He is not alone

He never is

He is just a man

But he is His

Let the weight be lifted

Let the light find the dark

Let your fears be conquered

Let your end be His start

The fathers of special ones

Take solace and know

That our savior is with you

Everywhere you go

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