In Just Five

My buzzing bee, you always move. Stirring the air as you float on by,.. life,… so simple… and you show me why.

My thoughts stacked up like a pyramid of bricks, but there you are.. gliding through without weight.

Quarantine days have rolled by in a blur. The loss of interaction, making me wonder if this is what it’s like for you. If that disconnect we all felt and are still feeling is possibly what you feel everyday not being able to connect and express yourself to others…

The guilt of it,.. not being able to help you… precariously balanced by refusal to believe I can’t.

But it’s all just weight. My little bumble bee.. reminds me that weight is what you believe it to be. What you allow it to be. Perhaps, that’s just what it is… a choice of what we allow or do not.

That we can choose to refuse we have a limit on what we can bear,.. and realize that our biggest strength of all,… is to forgive. That forgiving ourselves or others,.. lifts our weight and allows us to float like a bee.

I’ve learned to forgive myself daily. I’ve accepted that I’ve done the best I could, that I’ve learned from my mistakes, and that I’ll be damned if I do not just keep moving forward.

His buzz will not stop, so neither will I. I’ll accept that chasing time is an endless pursuit, yet one I will not fear. That the future seeming so precious, pales in comparison to the moment right now.

That in all of the hurry.. in all of the trying… in just five minutes, the world can stand still.

You’ll hold my hand, letting the calm of the quiet fill you. You’ll look in my eyes and smile with yours. You’ll try to reading aloud,.. your soft vocals turning to song. It’s just one moment I get.. one chance to see you for who you are. While we spend 24 hours together… it’s in just that five… the best five minutes of my day.

There’s no weight to be had, no sorrow to be felt. No choices to be made and no tomorrow to worry about. You are here, and so am I. It’s a peek in the window of your heart and mind. I feel like I’m stealing it, but I’ll do it anytime.

That there is not much more important than being in the moment with the ones you love. As you buzz through life remember to stop for the nectar,.. remembering that your weight is your choice and that you can carry more than you think.

I, am a blessed woman. 💙

Matthew 11:29 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

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